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A menage à multiples

ENCORE: Four cast members have reprised their roles as has the director for G and S Player Comedy Club’s farce Move Over Mrs Markham.THE title of the farcical comedy Move Over Mrs Markham is a punning reference to the situations innocent people find themselves in while those around them are trying to have illicit relationships.

Not that Mrs Markham can fully blame other people for what happens to her, as this popular play by two masters of the form, Ray Cooney and John Chapman, reveals.

Move Over Mrs Markham is being staged as a dinner show by Newcastle G and S Players Comedy Club at St Mathew’s Anglican Church Hall, Georgetown, opening on October 27.

The show’s director, Steve McLauchlan, said the company staged the comedy five years ago, and audiences and the staging team so enjoyed it that the company decided to do it again.

Indeed, the liking of the show by four of the cast members has them playing the same roles and Steve McLauchlan is again directing, as well as playing a role.

Writers Cooney and Chapman made their names as actors in farcical comedies, so they knew how to make such a show work,and this has been a hit since it was first staged in London in 1969. The G and S actors will appropriately be wearing bright 1970-style evening garb in most of the show.

The cast members repeating their roles are Geoff McLauchlan and Natalie Burg as Philip and Joanna Markham, in whose apartment the action takes place.

Peter Eyre is Henry Lodge, Philip’s partner in a company publishing children’s books, and Suellen Hall is a writer of such books who comes to see Philip while all sorts of romantic skulduggery is happening, wanting the company to take over printing her books because she is unhappy with her current publisher as “there is too much sex around” in the books they issue.

The other characters, played by Sean Hixon, Selina Elliot, Ann-Maree Day, Hilary Oliver and Steve McLauchlan, are friends and associates of the husband and wife who use their absence at a publishing function to have liaisons in their apartment, with confusion increasingly growing.

Philip and Joanna respectively and privately gave a key to the apartment to a person, and their housemaid also has a key, so unexpected encounters increase. Philip at one point finds a romantic note on the floor and thinks it was given to his wife by a lover, helping to boost the pandemonium.

Move Over Mrs Markham has performances on Friday and Saturday from October 27 to November 11, with a three-course dinner at 7pm followed by the show, for an all-inclusive $40 cost, and a 2pm $20 show-only Sunday matinee on November 5. Bookings: 0432 886 149.